77.75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


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Opening your iFOREX UK account

  • Register now

    Click “Register”

  • Fill in the required details

    Fill in the required details

  •  Activate your account with a deposit

    Activate your account with a deposit

Opening a CFD deal

  • Click on a CFD instrument

    Click on a CFD instrument

  • Choose “Buy” (long) or “Sell” (short)

    Choose “Buy” (long) or “Sell” (short)

  • Set the deal size

    Set the deal size

  • Click on “Deal” to open your position

    Click on “Deal” to open your position

Keep in mind:
You can manage your deals automatically by setting limits such as Stop Loss and Take Profit.

How much is a CFD worth?

As you know, when you trade CFDs (Contract For Difference), you are investing in the price of financial instruments, without actually buying or storing them. This means that the value of each CFD differs substantially according to the instrument.

CFD type
1 contract
Oil Oil
The price of 1 oil barrel
Gold Gold
The price of 1 ounce of gold
The price of 1 euro

Leverage trading

Leverage is a trading tool that increases both your trading power and risk exposure. When you use leverage, you can open large deals with a relatively small investment. In accordance with regulatory requirements, the maximum leverage available for CFD trading is 30:1.

So, if you invest 300, you can open trades worth up to $9,000.

Leverage trading

Keep in mind:
iFOREX UK offers Negative Balance Protection. This means that your account can never go into minus and you will never lose more than the funds in your account.

Enhance your trading knowledge

Great traders are the ones who are always prepared to learn and improve. iFOREX UK offers an abundance of educational resources designed to assist traders of all levels to gain deeper insight into market events, trading strategies and tools. Here are just some of the resources we offer...

  • Personal training with a trading coach

    Personal training with a trading coachLearn about our platform and the market in a 1-on-1 session

  • The iFOREX App

    The iFOREX AppStay updated with mobile alerts and notifications

  • A $5,000 Demo Account

    A $5,000 Demo AccountGain valuable experience with no risk

  • Educational resources

    Educational resourcesAccess video tutorials, trading guides and more

  • Market news and analysis

    Market news and analysisFollow major events with daily market news and analysis

  • Information tools

    Information toolsReceive trading signals and access an economic calendar